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Top 8 Cloud Security Measures That Every Company Should Follow

Peter Smith | Modified: 2021-09-13T10:22:38+00:00

Cloud security is the procedures and technology for the protection of data, applications, and infrastructures of the cloud computing environment against cyber threats. For cloud environments, most security aspects are similar to that of an on-premises IT architecture. To secure data and applications from cybersecurity threats, its best practice to understand cloud security management and its measures.

Cloud security is one of the known platforms and we all know that people are migrating from normal servers to cloud computing because of its high-security benefits and proper storage of multiple department’s data into a single unified platform.

But we all know that nothing is perfect, somehow, somewhere, there are definitely risks involved and our information is not 100% safe. Therefore, there are some cloud security measures that you need to take by yourself which is very simple and not as much difficult.

Some of the Simple Cloud Security Measures

We basically understand some of the security measures that are very simple and easy to use.

1. Authentication of Multi-factor

By adapting Multi-factor authentication, it becomes easier for us to save the data and will not allow anyone else to access and operate it. If you use Cloud Computing, you need to make a proper habit of doing this. Using this measure, it is possible to login only by using a code that has been sent to your registered number and email address. It may consume a few minutes more But Yes, it is simple and much beneficial for you.

2. Must have Anti-virus in your software

It is important to install Antivirus in your system that if some bug appears, then it will solve it by itself. Whether we are using laptop system normally for daily-use then, also we install Anti-virus there and Cloud Computing is an important software for you that is basically the backbone of your organization, so it’s necessary to add Security there. Anti-virus protects yourself from bugs and hackers and it is very much important for remote workers who use their own hardware.

3. Highly-Secure Passwords

You need to use strong passwords that basically do not match with any words of your organization. It is better to use different alphabets in a non-sequential manner and it becomes easy for us to create complex passwords as well to secure the data. And it is good to change your password regularly or once a week for more high-security.

4. Backing up of data regularly

It is good to take backup regularly so that if some data is lost then you have the data backup already present in your system. It may consume some time and effort regularly But yes, it is beneficial and very important for you. You can use a local backup system also and a cloud computing service from a service provider because it is not good to save daily backups in the same system So, another system or service is much better.

5. Permission Sharing

Cloud Computing is basically a service that makes a system that can easily access by multiple users. Suppose if there are 3 users and an admin then, admin has the complete access to the system and he allows the other 3 users access to different applications. It’s better to use permission sharing so that a particular user will have access to those applications or data that he basically needs.

6. Maintain the credentials

It’s better to create unique passwords or keys for external services and for every user who has access to the system. By making the same passwords, if the user gets access to one user’s password then he can easily access the whole system under his guidance and will make changes so that no one can access it. Change and rotate the passwords or keys regularly or in 4-5 days so that hackers will not get even a single tip to access the data.

7. Test Again and Again

The main thing to know is that the data is completely secure is to test it again and again. This method is important for all organizations, especially for highly sensitive organizations. You can also hire a hacker who will take care of all the data security and offers proper testing for making your data secure up-to-date.

8. Monitor Activities

It’s better if you schedule and manage the activities that have been doing regularly and it also helps you to spot irregularities and allows you to identify and observe regular activities. By managing daily end-user activities allows you to stop hackers and fix security issues. It is also better if you think of security issues before continuing with Cloud Computing.

Why Do We Care?

Cloud computing is one of the powerful technology that helps us to manage the data and complete the system. But, as with everything on the cloud, there are risks involved too. While it’s the responsibility of cloud providers for their customer’s data protection, it’s also the responsibility of users to implement some security measures to secure their data. So, it’s better to employ the Cloud Security measures discussed above and provide higher security to your cloud environment.