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VAPT Services

We provide Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, combined VAPT services to organizations for identifying key vulnerabilities & configuration issues. Further, we execute an in-depth activity to identify possible routes an attacker could use to break into your network.

Our VAPT services include Network assessment, Network VAPT, WebApp VAPT, Servers VAPT, Network Audit, Mobile App VAPT, and more that provide organizations the visibility of their security weaknesses and guidance to tackle them.

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What We Offer

Periodic Vulnerability Assessments

IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Managed SOC Services

Customized Incident Response Plans

Managed SOC Services

With our managed SOC services, you can monitor, analyze, detect, and respond to cyber threats effectively. Our cost-effective solution helps organizations to centralize their security operations including threat monitoring, investigation, research, detection, incident analysis, and response orchestration 24/7 across all assets: applications, networks, data, on-prem IT infrastructure, and more.

Our team of experts coordinates with the organization to identify the root cause of a cyber incident and figure out exactly when, how, and why an attack was successful.

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