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Our Experts help you recognize the Security Weaknesses in your IT Network and Assist you in fixing those Vulnerable Access Points.

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How Our VAPT Services Work?

Information Gathering

Gathering information about the organization and employees in open sources, social media networks, forums, and blogs.

Planning and Analysis

Identifying the existing resources, applications, and hardware for the enterprise.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerabilities detection in security systems and applications using a set of tools and utilities.

Penetration Testing

Imitation of a real attack to collect the information about any vulnerabilities with further analysis.


Designing, reporting and presenting the findings made during the pen test with suggestions for improving security system.

VAPT Testing Services

Why is VAPT Audit Crucial for Organizations?

No matter if you are running a small sized or a large sized organization, the vulnerabilities exist at all the levels of IT infrastructure - be it network devices, applications or cloud. It is a myth that cybercriminals leave out small and medium sized organizations because these businesses’ have lower security when compared to large sized organizations or enterprises.

In a recent survey, it is noted that almost 93% of the small scale organizations were attacked and all their crucial data and money were lost. They also lost their reputed clients and also faced challenges while obtaining the new ones.

VAPT act as a savior in such cases as it helps organizations expose all the vulnerabilities before a cyberattack takes place and also helps fix those issues in a forensically sound manner.

Additionally, the VAPT testing also helps organizations comply with security regulations such as GDPR, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS as it act as a strong evidence in proving organization's IT security.

VAPT Services That We Offer

Network Assessment

Network VAPT

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Servers VAPT

Network Audit

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What Activities Does Our VAPT Services Include?

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, also known as Pen testing is a security assessment where the VAPT service provider uses a combination of human-led and automated techniques to pin down the vulnerabilities present in your IT infrastructure and applications.

A pen test organized by a VAPT expert will get you a report providing details about all the security vulnerabilities and a comprehensive guide of how you can fix them.

Vulnerability Assessment

A Vulnerability Assessment is specially designed to identify, segregate and tackle security risks. This service also includes the ongoing support and suggestions required to eliminate any kind of risks that are recognized.

Red Team Operations

In this activity, the VAPT service provider acts as a cybercriminal and performs all the possible attacks to detect all the possible threats. This is the most rigorous security assessment technique that you can perform during VAPT testing.

VAPT Service Provider

VAPT Pricing

Amber Blue Red
Pricing $499
Screens/Pages/Functionalities 15 25 100
Vulnerability Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Penetration Testing Yes Yes Yes
OWASP Top 10 Yes Yes Yes
SANS Top 25 detection Yes Yes Yes
Auto Scan Yes Yes Yes
Manual Scan Yes Yes Yes
User Role Testing Yes Yes Yes
Remediation Suggestion Yes Yes Yes
Retest 1 1 1
Report Yes Yes Yes
Effort 1 Week 2 Weeks 4 Weeks

Annual Retainer Model

Pricing $9,999 USD $24,999 USD
Application Platform Web/Mobile Web/Mobile
Number of Applications Less Than 10 Apps 10-25 Apps
Vulnerability Assessment Yes Yes
Penetration Testing Yes Yes
OWASP Top 10 Yes Yes
SANS Top 25 detection Yes Yes
Auto Scan Yes Yes
Manual Scan Yes Yes
User Role Testing Yes Yes
Remediation Suggestion Yes Yes
Test Per App + 1 Retest Twice a year Twice a year
Report Yes Yes
VAPT Testing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Our VAPT experts start with automated vulnerability assessments to manual penetration tests. Here, we implement the following procedures:

  • Searching and addressing flaws in your system
  • A comprehensive evaluation of defective integrations within your site
  • Artificial hacking attempts that replicate real-life attacks to identify risks
  • Suggestions to your team to apply fixes to the vulnerabilities

Once we share a list of all the vulnerabilities after performing all the necessary tests, we offer support for a maximum of 30 days from the day we share the list of vulnerabilities.

Our VAPT testing experts can work on numerous technology stacks on multiple platforms.

Yes, Indeed, they will be happy to help you address all the vulnerabilities to ensure that you have complete IT security in your organization.